Week of Respect 2019!

From the 4th until the  11th of November, the 14th edition of the National Week of Respect takes place. During the Week of Respect, we stimulate young people to jointly ensure an inclusive society, where everybody joins in and difficult subjects such as religion and cultural diversity, discrimination, bullying, poverty, or radicalisation are never taboo.

Tens of thousands of students, teachers, school leaders, (top) athletes, volunteers, Dutch celebrities, social organisations, and municipalities are actively involved every year. All over the Netherlands, public figures engage in dialogue with young people, and events are organised everywhere. Together we/ve reached over 1.4 million youngsters! This year, 1,500 schools, sports clubs and sports societies have enlisted. Adding about 120 ‘Respect Municipalities’ to the list, we come to a total of over 100,000 young people involved!

We’d also like to invite our foreign partners to join in! Because, in the end we all want to turn the entire world into one great Respect Zone. Are you ready to build with us?

Building the Respect Zone together 

Starting last year, we are still taking on the challenge to create ‘Respect Zones’ in schools with the help of young people. These are physical places (a classroom, school, sports field, your neighbourhood) where everybody can feel safe and appreciated. The starting point is that you treat others in the way that they would want to be treated.

With this Respect Zone, we are sending a clear message of what we aim to achieve: an inclusive society where treating each other with respect towards one another is a common habit.

In the Respect Zone, you work from a connection, you support each other, talk to each other, and you can easily engage in conversation on difficult topics that are often considered taboo. And, naturally, a successful Respect Zone works contagiously: People keenly follow a good example!

The challenge

The challenge is to start as many Respect Zones as possible in cooperation with the schools in the Netherlands! For a whole year, young people will give these Respect Zones shape. For this, teaching materials are available and throughout the year, activities will be organised in cooperation with our partners. 


Are you ready to take on the challenge?


Download the ‘Respect Zone PDF manual’ for more information. And download the banner and poster HERE. We would gladly receive photographs and messages from the Respect Zones you have created. Please send them to info@respecteducation.me


For a step-by-step plan on how to build a Respect Zone in your class,

school, sports club or anywhere else, download THIS PDF.

Let's go! 

The Week of Respect is an initiative of the Respect Education Foundation

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